Premium-Quality Steel Framed Internal Doors

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Gary Woodpecker® Premium-Quality Loft Doors. An exclusive range of quality steel framed interior doors

Available in modern and classic styles, and in many configurations: single or double doors, doors with fixes, sliding doors, fixed walls. Wide choice of models and finishes within the standard dimensions or custom sizes. All doors are always handmade with the greatest care and precision.



years of experience

standard door sizes but not only...


Choose perfect door to your interior. The collection consists of several types of doors and designs to choose from. Appearance and functionality of the collection is a response to our customers needs.
If you don't find a door that suits you, we will make a door that suits your needs. You can customize the size, shape and design. We will make a project for you to help you decide!

design your door and customize the size...


LOFT STYLE is a modern alternative to traditional solutions. We make classic loft doors and walls, but we are also happy to implement projects using different types of glass, ornamental glass and a wide range of powder coating finishes

Our Values

design & ART

Our doors are made in the highest quality and original, modern design. We follow the latest trends and we always try to set new directions ourselves


Technical SUPPORT 

We can help you choose the right door for your interior.

If you want to have something special, a custom made door, we will create it for you


Our products are created and refined by skilled craftsmen. Meticulously checked by a quality control team to ensure and maintain the highest quality of our products.


Quality is our motivation. We simply want to make the best steel doors without compromise. And that is noticeable throughout the entire process


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you haven’t found here the doors you like or if you want to create a unique door project, please send us details about what you would like, a drawing or inspirations from the internet 

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